Hi there :)

Hi there! My name is Alexandra but I go by Alex.  If you've come to my bio, I'm hoping you have already looked at my photos and connected with my aesthetic and want to know a little bit about me and what it's like to work with me! I have a lot of energy and I'm a go getter. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love capturing and preserving memories, I love helping people to smile and enjoy themselves, and I love meeting new people. Maybe you feel nervous or awkward in front of the camera and worry about how that will translate into photos- that's ok! Being in front of a camera is not easy but my job is to make it as painless and normal as possible and hopefully you will pay more attention to where we are and who you are with than what we are doing. My goal is to work with my clients time and time again, to document the different stage of their life- so hopefully this isn't a one time deal because I'm here for the long haul if you want me! 


Besides work what am I all about? I LOVE to travel to all types of destinations. I try to be outside as much as possible and I love exercising and cooking. Reading and writing are two things you'll often find me doing and my family and friends are everything to me. 


If this description resonates with you, please send me a message and we can discuss what you are looking for! Thanks!!


Phone: 410-207-5560

Oahu, Hawai'i + Denver, Colorado + Worldwide

Email: hello@evermorecreation.com

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