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Amanda and Michelle's Colorado 2020 Wedding

It's a rare thing when you can photograph friends getting married. Rarer still when you've known one of the brides and her family for nearly a decade! I was so excited when Michelle and Amanda asked me to be their wedding photography, but when COVID-19 hit, I wasn't sure if there would still be a wedding. If there was a wedding, how would I get there? The wedding was to be in Colorado and I now live in Hawaii. I was determined to get to the wedding if it was happening so when I got the green light I got myself a face shield, an N95 mask, and went about preparing for safe travel.

Nothing about the trip was easy or stress-free. At the wedding at the Golden Hotel, I wore a mask the entire time in 90+ degree outdoor weather- but it was worth it. The day after the wedding the three of us went to one of my favorite spots in Colorado- Guanella Pass at the base of Mt. Bierstadt where we had a photo adventure all for ourselves!

It was such a blast to spend two days with these lovely ladies and capture these forever moments for them! <3


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