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Baby Elli at Denver City Park, in Colorado

I have met A LOT of babies. I have photographed A LOT of babies. Elli might have been the happiest baby I've ever met. Her love for her parents, her dog, and even the world around her was so evident, despite her young age. She wore an expression that said "the world is my oyster!"

I first met Lauren to shoot surprise boudoir photos for her then-fiance Eric in Boulder, Colorado. Next, I photographed their wedding at the beautiful venue Haystack Hearth in the Colorado foothills. And then a year later, it was a maternity shoot at their home in Denver.

This July, it was such a treat to make it home for a brief time during the craziness of the pandemic and get to meet and photograph little Eli.

I look forward to more moments and more babies with these too!


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