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How to prepare for the first photoshoot as a couple

1) Go onto Instagram and Pinterest to look up couple's photos. Screen shot all the ones you like. You'll come back to them later

2) Make sure to find standing, sitting, lying down, and movement based poses (if possible)

3) Go back through your screen shots- what are the patterns you notice? Are they similar in any way? Is the similarity based on editing or feeling or type of pose? Are they more up close or are they cropped in unique ways? Are they more about the landscape? Maybe it's a funny image? Maybe the couple is walking or dancing? Are they sitting, standing or lying down?

4) If you haven't already found your photographer, get back on Instagram to find photographers in the area where you want to be photographed. You can also try googling for photographers in that area, this way you can also read reviews and look at websites to learn more about the photographers. Try to find a photographer that takes images similar to the ones you like, rather than expecting the photographer will adapt their style and read your mind :)

5) If you have something specific you want, tell your photographer

6) Feel free to practice some of the poses you like the best, if you want to make sure to execute specific styles of photos vs just go with the flow

7) Remember that often many of the photos you've admired are models. If not models, they might have been very well planned, or even one amazing photo out of the full hour session. In other words, don't put too much pressure on yourself to execute something perfect. Try to relax as much as you can, and focus more on your comfort level with your partner. Don't be afraid to be intimate in public- if anything maybe practice some PDA prior to the shoot!

8) As always, express any fears or concerns you might have with your photographer. We are here to make you have a great time and feel great. We are here to give you amazing photos that we are proud of and that you love!


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