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Top 10 seated and standing poses for maternity photos

I HIGHLY recommend maternity photos for any expecting mother. It is such a magical time and never in your life will you have such a great prop and distraction! My biggest recommendation is to not get these photos too early on in your pregnancy or unfortunately you will look more like you struggle with your junk food intake, rather than an expecting parent! If possible, I always recommend that these photos are a combo of you and your partner/family plus solo images. Maternity photos can range from being silly and exciting, to artsy and fashionable, to even sexy lingerie- trust me, I’ve done it all and there is no right way to do it. It COMPLETELY depends on your personality and what you feel naturally inclined to do. I will never try to get you to do something that makes you uncomfortable but I guarantee your comfort level will drastically improve over time, especially if we are in a one-on-one session!


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