Top 10 seated poses for individual photos (solo portraits/boudoir, senior photos, promotional photos

Getting your photo taken solo is AWKWARD for about everyone who isn’t a well seasoned model. That’s ok, that’s what I am here for. In fact, I am yet to have a client not tell me how comfortable I made them and for that same client to receive their photos and say, “ I cant believe that is me!”

I will say that seated poses solo are DEFINITELY easier than standing because the ground or thing you are sitting/lying on/against becomes a sort of prop, or at the very least something else to focus on and work with! Check out these poses and practice at home in front of a mirror if you feel nervous. It will 100% feel awkward and mildly dumb when you do this in front of your mirror. BUT if you can get comfortable with the concept and feel a little more confident in your self and knowledgeable of your angles, that confidence will carry over into the photos we take together and you wont be as nervous!