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Why should you have an engagement photoshoot?

I ALWAYS recommend engagement shoots because essentially they are practice shoots. As a couple, you get to be in front of a camera and understand how foreign and somewhat awkward it is (sorry it just is!). Additionally, you get to practice what poses feel the most comfortable for you as a couple. If you plan to have the same photographer for your engagement and your wedding day, this is the first step towards developing a relationship with your photographer and learning to trust them.

The next step is reviewing your images. Which poses do you think you look the best in. Ok yay! So now you have those photos to review before your wedding day, you know how to be on camera, you know how to pose with your partner and your wedding photos will be MUCH easier- trust me! For a typical wedding, its pretty stressful and things move fast, so practice is super helpful. If you're going for an elopement, that's cool too because now you've broken the ice, you're about to be on camera A LOT because it's just you two, and at least now you've had your rehearsal shoot!

Here are some pics from one of my favorite engagement shoots!


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