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Why you should choose to have a destination wedding on Oahu

1) Oahu has every sort of environment you can imagine- beaches, cliffs, mountains, cactus, desert landscapes, jungle, bamboo, pine forests, botanical gardens, grasslands, city, street art, and more! If you have the time, budget, and flexibility, I ALWAYS recommend more than one location for your photoshoot. Whether that means a "trash the dress" shoot after the wedding, or doing a casual look in your wedding clothing somewhere beautiful in the morning, and the wedding later that day with everyone else!

Ive ever had mini wedding road trips with couples. Stopping at 2-4 locations that are close to each other and finally arriving at the location of the destination wedding where the small group of guests are waiting!

The idea of a wedding has evolved greatly and there are no rules for what a wedding can and cannot be!

Here's an example of a 2 destination elopement that we shot photo and video for and how we prepared for it!


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