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How do you deliver the files?
I send you a link to all the edited digital files. You can share this link with anyone and anyone with access to the link can download the files or even order prints straight from the website to be delivered to the address of choice. 

Can you send the files in a different way?

I can send them on a thumb drive but not a disk. There is an additional charge of $50 for delivery, which includes price of shipping, and the thumb drive and the shipping address must be provided to me.


Do you give RAW files?

I can RAW files of the edited images only, there is an extra $50 fee for this and a thumb drive and shipping address must be provided.

Can you make albums?

Absolutely but price is dependent on the final product and needs to be discussed separately .

Will you travel for any type of shoot?

Yes. I love to travel and have lived all over the world. I can even help choose locations abroad based upon my experience. 

What is your turnaround time?  

I love to edit so it’s normally pretty fast. Unless I am absurdly busy my average turnover is a maximum of 3 weeks for photos, video reels are about a month!


Do you offer packages?

Yes, I offer packages that include video and live stream and drone as well.

What other services are included in your price?

I help with wedding timelines and any necessary coordination with vendors prior to or even day of. I’m happy to give advice on locations, lighting, vendors, and photo props if you need help with selection. During the wedding I help to keep things on schedule and fill in as needed to help the day run smoothly. For all other shoots, I help with location, logistics, vendors, timeline. Most of all, I help you to feel comfortable and have fun on camera!

What other services are available? 

For any shoots that require travel or are considered destination photoshoots I can provide you with a book of locations for Hawaii, Colorado and abroad that shows some of my recommendations during different seasons. This is a great way to see options to choose from. I also have experience with wedding and event design as well as the photography eye so for an additional fee I can help with all aspects of wedding design (regardless of size) to help you create something beautiful for your memories and photos. 

Do you shoot religious or same-sex marriages?

Of course


Can pets be involved? 

Yeah why not! I love animals!!


Can we meet before hiring you?

Ideally yes but at the very least its great to do a FaceTime/Google Hangout chat and get to know each other a little. Then if possible we can meet for coffee or breakfast once you hire me and we are able to coordinate a meet up!








Engagement Photos 

Think of this as a dress rehearsal and a way to get to know me. I recommend engagement photos to all my couples. The photos can be used to share with friends, on a wedding website, on a guest book, as a holiday card, or as decor at the actual wedding. It helps you to figure out how you look best in front of the camera, but mostly its so you can get to feel more comfortable and confident in front of a camera with your partner. It's also a great way for us to get to know each other so by the time the wedding comes we are friends :)


First Look

I highly recommend this and often these are the best photos of the day. There is so much excitement and anticipation that goes into this moment and its much easier for me to capture the special moment of you two seeing each other for the first time without a crowd of people, chairs, and props to move around. You also look your best of the entire day because its right after getting ready and it helps to settle any nerves in your tummy you might have when you get up in front of everyone. Lastly, it means you can enjoy all the time with your guests and not have to leave during the whole cocktail hour for photos. I am happy to also include special family members, pets or wedding party at the end of the first look so we have those moments captured as well prior to the ceremony. Regardless of the size of the wedding, unless its an elopement, I recommend this. I also love first look reveals of the bride to her parents and believe this is a very special moment. 



On average I would say not enough thought goes into lighting and it really does matter. It can make or break the ambiance and add a lot of beauty to a wedding without breaking the bank as florals often do. Another thing is if you want to make your wedding more eco-friendly, lights are a great alternative and can be rented from my places .

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