Telling your story through candid outdoor photography.

Together, we will capture unforgettable memories that never fade.


 If you've found this page, you're looking for photography of a special occasion or the special people in your life, and I am here to help!


What do I photograph?

Weddings + Engagements + Proposals + Families + Boudoir

My style is action-based, which means lots of running for me, and lots of walking for you! You don't want prom style photos and you see that the average couples and families all have the same signature poses in similar places. You want to be original. You want to look back at your photos as your eyes bug out and think "WOAH, is that really us?!"


You want to have fun with your loved ones. You want to feel comfortable on camera and have a great experience, rather than merely take your photos as an item on a checklist. Perhaps you want that traditional wedding, but you also want that multi-hour session of just you and your partner. You want that one family portrait for the Christmas card, but then you want photos of your family running and playing on the beach and in the water. You want that maternity photo that shows your beautiful bump, but then you also want some bomb glamour shots because you are proud of your body and want to commemorate it. You want engagement photos in a beautiful secluded place so you can warm up to the idea of being on camera for your entire wedding day. You want to pop the question out of the blue and create the surprise of a lifetime! 

Why do so many types?

Because they are all essential stages of your life that I want to preserve for you! Imagine having the same photographer capture your proposal, your engagement photos, your boudoir gift to your partner OR TO YOURSELF <3 before your wedding day, your wedding day, your pregnancy, your newborn, and then your children over the years. These are phases of life you capture anyway, so how much cooler is it to share these moments with someone you trust, who becomes a friend along the way. Believe me- it's equally cool for me to have this experience and nothing makes me happier than seeing these stages of life with my own eyes!

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What do I even need to hire a photographer these days?


Yes, phone cameras and GoPros are AMAZING, but can they capture you authentically being yourself if you have to hold it the entire time? Can they capture you in a beautiful place if you have to set a timer and only have 10 seconds to run and get into place? Chances are you often ask a stranger to take a picture because what you can do is not quite what you want. However, that stranger can only capture you still and posing, phones and GoPro's cannot capture action photography. That stranger can not give you advice on how to move or look or walk. They probably do not know the best light and won't tell you "hey actually, stand over there instead."  So you capture a few selfies, and a few amazing landscapes of where you visited with your family or partner, none of which you are in, and you come home thinking, "man if only I was in this landscape photo." 

Good news is, now you can be :)


Looking to add video or live stream?

I  have two partners I trust and together we can offer you a full-service media team. I have also worked as a videographer for over a decade. Our home base is Oahu, Hawaii, but we will go anywhere!

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