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Interested in learning more about your options for an elopement or intimate wedding?



 Are you worried about planning a wedding and getting married amid pandemic restrictions and fears? Or maybe you're looking to scale back your wedding regardless of the pandemic because it's a strain on funds, feels overwhelming, and the planning process is starting to feel like a second job?


Whatever your reason for wanting to have an elopement or intimate wedding, it's a good reason and I approve :)


Evermore Creation is an Oahu-based artist who creates and documents custom experiences that last for a day or more and are entirely dedicated to the couple, their love, and the way in which they wish to celebrate that love.

We like to think that traditional weddings are events while elopements and intimate weddings are EXPERIENCES.


Elopements and intimate weddings are INCREDIBLY special, romantic, emotional, real experiences shared with the person, people, or animals that matter most to you. An elopement is more about the couple than the family, the friends, the guests, and the entertainment. It’s not about impressing anyone or putting on a show or spending every moment greeting every person that matters to you or that you’re related to.


It’s about having a day that is dedicated to celebrating you as a couple wherever that may be. It could be your favorite place to go as a couple, the place you first met, or a place you’ve always longed to travel to. It could be about having some crazy adventure experience that you would never do otherwise, having the most peaceful drama-free day, or maybe feeling like complete royalty!


Elopements and intimate weddings are not about perfection and do not need to follow a strict timeline. It's about you and what you want. It has the ability to pivot as changes come.  It's about putting your faith in a team that will figure it out for you, answer your questions, and relieve your stress. A team that has experience and passion for what they do, will provide you with laughter, romance, and peace-of-mind.


To keep these moments intimate and unique, we cap our intimate weddings at 15 guests but offer live stream options for any couples who are hesitant about not including all their friends and loved ones. These live streams are captured through multiple cameras and will help your guests to feel like they are really there, without adding to the stress, cost, and plan for your wedding day. We have the technology to provide live stream services with multiple cameras whether we are indoor or outdoor, in America or not, and we can stream your wedding to as many people as you want. Essentially it’s the best of both worlds.


There are no rules for an elopement or intimate wedding aside from potential location permits, and your wedding can be as conventional or unconventional as you want.  It’s all about you, it’s all about your preference, it’s all about your experience, it’s all about your love.


If you want your favorite people in the whole world to be there and be there for every moment of it, do it, if you want no one there at all that’s OK too. There is no other time to have a day that is more about the two of you as a couple.


Now take a moment to sit and ponder with your partner-

what is the wedding day we envision?

Looking for a Hawaii elopement photographer? Look no further!


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