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Hanauma Ridge Hike Proposal in Oahu, Hawaii

Rushil contacted me so I could help him to plan a surprise proposal for his beautiful lady. The place we chose, at the top of the ridge, is one of my favorite places on the island but requires a 15 min walk up a very steep hill. I headed up the hill 15 minutes prior to our starting time and got in position based upon where we chose on the Google map. He was able to send me texts during their walk (and I dont know how he got away with that!) When they were almost to the top, I started to take scenic pictures.

They entered the outcropping where I was and walked to the edge to admire the view. They took out their own camera so they could take a selfie. I let them take a photo and then offered to take a photo for them. As soon I was given the camera, I began to snap away as he got down on one knee. She was completely surprised and I switched over to my camera to continue the shoot.

This was such a fun experience with such a great couple! I LOVE surprise proposals and think they are some of the best photographing experiences. Planning the proposals is just as fun as photographing them, and I hope to do many more in the future- through video too!


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