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Regret that courthouse ceremony and wish you could do it again and make it a real wedding day?!

WELL YOU CAN! Whether you got married awhile ago or a week ago, whether you want to have a vow renewal or just recreate the entire experience and truly have the wedding day you deserve, it's all possible!

When COVID-19 forced essentially all traditional weddings and gatherings to cancel, as well as a lot of travel, couples around the world were devastated. They couldn't believe they had to postpone their day indefinitely, had no idea when the pandemic would end, and just wanted to make an official commitment to the partner they had chosen!

Out of desperation, many couples opted for courthouse ceremonies, or one on one with officiants in their homes. They cast aside their idea of having a special wedding day and the photos and videos that go along with it. They were grateful to be married and thought that was enough, but the truth is, EVERYONE wants to have wedding photos and videos to look back on later in life. EVERYONE wants their wedding day to feel special, and "special" can be so many different things to different people.

Love. Laugh. Venture. was born out of the struggles and changes in the world and the wedding industry because we still want to give our couples an unforgettable day they will never forget. We want our couples laughing, kissing, and smiling ear to ear as they spend a day with their chosen partner celebrating their commitment. We want our couples to still choose incredible venues, maybe even more incredible now that you dont have to worry about dozens or even hundreds of guests. We want our couples to laugh, and dance, and even greet many of their guests that couldn't make it through the live streams we provide.

We want to challenge your idea of what a wedding is or can be. Life is no longer predictable, so why does a wedding need to be?

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