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Top 10 best seated poses for couple’s photos (Wedding, Engagement, Honeymoon)

Seated poses are often dismissed, but in my experience are often the best poses. There are a variety of grounded poses you can do and they range from sweet, to cuddling, to artsy, to even sexy- completely based on your vibe! Below are some photos that feature some of my all time grounded poses (including some lying down!). Some you might look at and think- “wow too complicated,” others you will think “I would feel so uncomfortable,” but just like Goldie Locks, you might look at some and say “justttttt right!!”

Feel free to try any of these at home. There is NOTHING wrong with practicing and in fact, if you two are uncomfortable on camera or just shy in general, I definitely recommending practicing. At the very least it will be a funny date night 


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